The Spacecraft Tarot: Apollo 13

The Hanged Man makes the best of it.

The launch of Apollo 13 on April 11, 1970. Image Credit: NASA
The “mailbox” the Apollo 13 improvised to attach the command module lithium hydroxide canisters to the lunar module’s environmental system to purge carbon dioxide form the space. Image Credit: NASA

In order to make everything fit, the crew used plastic bags, cardboard, and tape.

Astronauts Haise, Lovell, and Swigert exiting the recovery helicopter shortly after splashing down in the South Pacific Ocean. Image Credit: NASA

In this series, we explore stories of both human triumph and tragedy. Space is dangerous. Sometimes astronauts don’t come home.

A view of the damage to the Apollo 13 service module, photographed from the lunar module/command module shortly after jettisoning prior to Earth re-entry. Image Credit: NASA



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