I am a self-proclaimed Redditor. And by Redditor, I mean a frequent visitor and contributor of the website: reddit.com. Reddit describes itself as the front page of the internet — it is a display case of information and materials collected and submitted by members of the community, following very specific themes and rules, for the purpose of raising awareness and generating discussion. Anyone can submit material or comment on submitted material, as long as you create a username and a password. Everything is anonymous.

Reddit is like other link sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, because there is a…

A sneak peek of the Spacecraft Tarot.

For many years now, I have been wanting to design my own tarot deck. Well, I’m finally doing it. I’m designing and sharing with you the Spacecraft Tarot.

Spacecraft are extensions of our selves.

They venture out into the unknown with instruments that serve as our eyes and ears, taking in stimuli and sending us messages about worlds beyond our imaginings. In many ways, their missions into the darkness reflect our own journeys through life. They wander. They observe. They try to make sense of it all.

Like us, spacecraft face their own kind of obstacles. We work hard to accomplish our goals, while maintaining our…

The Moon is elusive.

Most people experience the Moon in their daily lives as something that is ever-present, yet simultaneously inaccessible. The Moon is a constant backdrop for nightly adventures, beautiful landscapes, and symbolic rituals — but no more than twelve humans have actually stepped foot on its surface. For that reason, the Moon has always been an emblem for hidden truths and treasures.

Everybody knows the story of how NASA’s Apollo 11 mission brought humans to the lunar surface to the very first time.

Everybody knows the words: “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

But even one of…

Judgment provides us closure.

Sometimes judgment is needed to close a door on something — whether it is a relationship, a career, or a phase in our lives. Judgment can be a tool used for self-reflection. By taking a mental inventory of our circumstances, we can come closer to leaving the past behind and moving forward in the right direction. Judgment allows us to label, categorize, and reach finality.

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) is the ultimate tool of judgment. TESS searches for planets outside of our solar system, also known as exoplanets. …

Created with imagery from NASA and Rob Klug

The Fool is my favorite tarot card.

This is because the Fool teaches us to embrace our fears.

Ever since I was a child, I always found myself weirdly attracted to the things I felt afraid of. And I always felt confused about it — was fear and attraction a common combination of feelings?

As a child, my mother would take my sister and me to the video rental to pick out a movie or two to watch. I remember walking between the aisles of this store, eyes scanning the covers of the videocassette tapes to absorb as much information…

It just occurred to me that I’ve been sharing snippets from my Spacecraft Tarot deck but I haven’t written much about my tarot philosophy or practice. And even after taking on this project of designing a tarot deck, it feels kind of strange to be discussing something that I always figured was too private to share — but I realized that my thoughts on tarot might serve as a good starting place for anyone interested in dabbling, as well as fertile ground for some good discussions.

I was completely unfamiliar with tarot until my partner introduced me to the practice…

The sky is always darkest before the dawn.

The Sun is not only an emblem of hope — it is the source of light and heat on this planet. Without the Sun, our world would be plunged into darkness. Our plants could not photosynthesize. Time could not be marked by the rhythm of sunrises and sunsets. But with the Sun, we experience a cycle of rebirth every morning. Every day is a new day.

Whatever we are struggling with, the promise of tomorrow ignites hope for new opportunities and good fortune.

The Parker Solar Probe is NASA’s mission to “touch the Sun.”

The Chariot is the drive that thrusts us forward.

Whatever it is that grips us with a feverish passion, that keeps us dreaming long after we have woken up — that is the Chariot. But it is not enough to have an idea of what we want. We must be willing to commit blood, sweat, and tears to emblazon our vision onto reality.

The Chariot itself is already reminiscent of a rocket. NASA’s Apollo Moon landing program was aptly named for the image of the mythical god Apollo, pulling the Sun along the sky with his chariot.

The SpaceX Crew Dragon is a spacecraft worthy of being compared to…

Temperance teaches us how to strike a balance.

We are living in times of excess. Excess of information, excess of waste, excess of stimulation. In a world where it’s easy to overdose on fake news or feel genuine fear of “missing out,” it’s important to remember the value of patience and moderation. In many tarot decks, temperance is personified in the image of a person with one foot on land, the other in water — finding balance between both worlds.

Streaking across both the landmasses and bodies of water of our home planet is Landsat, one of a series of Earth-observing satellites that provides us with invaluable information…

Death is a fundamental part of life.

As this tarot deck explores the universal themes in both people’s lives and space-exploring craft, we delight in tales of new beginnings, awe-inspiring discoveries, and successful missions.

However, we must not misrepresent the duality of life. We must not leave out the stories that these moments of victory and triumph are built upon: stories of pain. Stories of regret. Stories of failure.

As humankind pushes the capabilities of intellect and technology to dare explore the unexplored, sadly some pay the ultimate price. The death tarot card honors the process of mourning the fallen…

Tippy Ki Yay

Science writer by day, fire dancer by night.

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